So I’ve been on this “new” computer for a couple of months

it’s got the latest outlook on it, and I believe the latest internet explorer as well. We think that the internet explorer might be the problem. We also have a complete up to date Mcafee on it. And one of the newer windows programs—I forget which one, my old computer had vista on it, and this one is newer than that. Before anyone asks, we have ran a complete scan, defragged, and even ran pc mechanic on this computer and these problems still exist.

I have my computer set for no pop-ups, and the firewall set, yet whenever I go to just about any webpage and click to move to the next page. An advertisement whole new browser window pops up. How can I stop this? Also pages I visit regularly have “drop down deals” on them that if I get anywhere near those they drop down and cover the page I’m working on. VERY annoying. Sometimes it’s on the side and the x to close them won’t work. I do not have this problem on my old computer, but it’s not running all the new stuff. Ex: when I am on working on my blogs. I move from one page to another while working on uploading blogs it will not only open (sometimes) the page I want, but a Toyota car dealership webpage. Or if I am at looking up a cricut cartridge that stupid drop down deals screws everything up. If I manage to get the extra windows to close they will sometimes re-open saying that it was closed unexpectedly.

2. I believe that the cause of the next problem is due to the first one. Facebook and other pages often don’t load due to a long running script. I click on the stop the script and it locks up my whole computer.

3. When on certain webpages I cannot highlight and copy things that I’ve previously copied, or as in my blogspot pages when I need to add a hyperlink I cannot highlight the section I want to hyperlink without first reloading the page, then it will work.

4. Again on blogspot I cannot directly copy from word (where I compose my post) and then open the correct page at blogspot and paste it immediately. I first have to put in the title, save it, then reload the page, then it will paste.

5. I correctly close down all my internet and computer windows before shutting down my computer each afternoon. But when I boot up the next day the same 4 windows, that I visited weeks ago in internet explorer all open up at once which bogs down the entire start up process. How do I stop this?

6. I have signature lines set up for my accounts, but they only show up periodically with no rhyme or reason when I’m sending emails.

Has anyone else had these problems and if so how have you fixed them. Jan who is getting pretty peeved at it.

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