Mike says refinancing is only good when

you will be holding on to the place longer than it would take you to recover the cost of the refinance. He generally says 5 years or longer. I know you have been talking about moving lock stock and barrel north, WAAAY north, and if you are still considering that then a re-fi may not be a good option due to the costs.
Also, I forget how many acres you have, but those loans sometimes are based on the size of your place, also with where you are located are you in danger of being pulled into the city limits or fence line? If so that may rule you out.
With what your ex has pulled this last couple of years would you even qualify? Because even though you are divorced the bills he took will still show up on your credit report.
Kathryn knows a heck of a lot more about farm financing than I do, so you two may need to do some serious chatting about the pros and cons of the option.
Please remember though if there is anything you cannot bank on it is livestock production. It’s either really good, or really bad—we’ve both been there—sometimes together.
Have you ran a cost analysis on your sheep yet? How about the puppy sales? I know we discussed the pros and cons of poultry production the other day.