I just recently became a member of this organization

what interested me was the travel perks. They are a MLM company but what was unique about it, was that they offer stock option and they are a public traded company. Thats what caught my attention, but regardless they are MLM.
My only reason for joining was that every quarter you get a super and I mean super deal on resorts stays. The last one was to a Resort in Cancun all inclusive 4days 5nights for $199.00 Now thats a deal. I love to travel and maybe on average take 2 to 3 Vacations a year. I over looked the the MLM part of it because of the perks. Along with all that you are a independent travel agent with their co. and have the ability to recruit people into the orginazation and thats where the residuals and bonuses start. So for those that love to travel its like having a Costco card of travel, is basically the way I approached it.

Is there any merit in what I’m thinking?

Ya know… if the planets align just right and I can make decent sales next year, my sheep could pay off my mortgage which would be make me giddy with delight since I have 10 years left.

I was mulling over something so wanted to ask the collective wisdom of the group:

The USDA has a loan program for farmers at a really low % like 1.5 or it may be capped at 3% – regardless, if I refinance using that program, and keep it at 10 years, I could use the extra 2% to pay down my loan faster (currently close to $60,000 or thereabouts) – anything my sheep provide over and above breaking even I could throw in as well after establishing an emergency fund.

December 12, 2015 | Category: thinking