Is it just me?

When someone comes in and starts making claims about how good a company is but doesn’t care enough to be professional and use proper grammar, I wonder if they even know what a good deal is.

None of us will use perfect grammar all the time, but if we’re trying to sell people on a business opportunity, we’re representing that business. If we, as a representative of that business, cannot show that we can adeptly use language, the most important tool in any business, then we’re telling people from the start that it’s just not as good as we say it is.

I just came back from the local bait & tackle shop

They are out of Red Worms (used for composting) and they are not going to be getting any more. That would be because the supplier has decided to STOP SELLING them to the shops.

AND, everyone in the county buys from the same wholesaler.

So I think I am going to have to make a small investment in about 200 worms, and a larger container and start growing worms, worm compost and compost tea. I will have a ready market (albeit wholesale) with the bait & tackle guys, plus all the gardening people.

July 27, 2015 | Category: shops