In addition to that

there are all the (mlm) hallmark misleading statements. No mention of the $439 sign up fee, the $100 a yr renewal , $39 a month “license” fee, and lord knows what other hidden fees there are. And we are supposed to believe that after one “just recently becomes a member”, one is offered a $199 all inclusive cancun vacation. I won’t dignify the rest of the “residual income” and “recruitment”spiel…. (The stock is traded Over the Counter, currently at $0.42 – Could be a money making opp there -jk;).) So the “publicly traded” bit was misleading too! They are “listed” but not traded – except OTC.

They were talking about this on KLBJ out of Austin, TX

yesterday and one of the commentators pointed out something that this article doesn’t seem to touch on.
Their reference was the woman who went to Chicago and some how got into a meeting that the CEO of McDonald’s was speaking at. The woman interrupted the meeting by accusing the CEO of making BILLIONS while she was kept under the poverty level making $8.50 per hour for TEN years. She claimed she’d been at the same McDonald’s for 10 years with never a pay raise. And demanded to know why she should make such a low amount while he got paid BILLIONS every year. His response was “I’ve been with McDonald’s for 40 years” and then went on with his speech.
The discussion on air and in this home after this news story brought up these points.

1.She claims she’s been stuck at minimum wage $8.50 per hour for 10 years. 10 years ago minimum wage was not $8.50 per hour.

2.If she’s received zero pay increases in that 10 year period it means either she’s not a good worker or she has the world’s worst manager and we all know the managers at a fast food franchise change on a frequent basis.

3.The CEO is just that the CEO he does not personally make billions a year. While McDonald’s and other fast food franchises may take in billions they also have millions to billions of overhead expenses like her salary, supplies, advertisement and the list goes on and on.

4.If she so loves working for McDonald’s like she claims she does why has she not taken advantage of their advancement opportunities over that 10 year period. Has she put out any effort to improve herself and make herself more valuable to the company?

5.If she is so unhappy with her salary why has she not changed jobs in 10 years? There is no reason she couldn’t have done so.

6.Now on to the more important aspect of this.

One of the commentators did some basic math. The woman was demanding that all fast food workers be raised to $15 per hour so they could have more in life. Notice she did not say get off public assistance. That is because if, as she said, she does have two children she is raising alone she would still be on public assistance at $15 per hour. That wage would net her $30,000-$31,000 per year income with two children that still puts her below the poverty line.
This would mean she’d still get the exact same government benefits she is getting now, and we as the tax payers would not only still be paying that amount, but now would see the cost of fast food doubling so we get doubly screwed. While all of us who are paying in taxes are seeing our income go constantly down by 10%, 15% or more her income would go up by 50%.
It would go up not because of her willingness to get an education and improve her position in life—she’s already demonstrated that she has no intention of doing that in the last 10 years—but by throwing a tantrum and trying to hurt the company she already works for.
Another consideration is if fast food workers get a double salary hike then every other minimum wage worker in the nation should get one too. If that happens then every person in the nation will suddenly find that EVERYTHING will go up hugely in price and we will ALL be worse off for it, including the minimum wage workers.
In other words the old saying “for every action there is an opposite reaction” shows true.
So yes, all of us would find it hard to live on minimum wage, government assistance is expensive but the answer is not mandatory doubling of the minimum wage the answer is education, hard work and finding ways to advance yourself in your chosen field.

The thing is

these fast food/minimum wage jobs aren’t *designed* for someone with a wife, 3 kids, and a mortgage. They’re designed for high school and college kids who are living at home. $750/hr for 30 hours per week is $900/month. It would be VERY difficult to only make that much, and be out on your own. It’s supposed to be a STEPPING STONE to the next thing.