I’m thinking longer term

made my peace that it probably isn’t going to happen within the next 5 years unless I win the Lottery (and you gotta play to win!) and I’m tired of living for tomorrow – time to make the best of what I have and enjoy it.

No limit or minimum on the size.

This program is in place if you have less than stellar credit which is why I’m thinking of it.

Working on both those – pups are paying for themselves and the rest of the dogs so that is covered.

Sheep will break even even if I have to sell all lambs (calculated using 1 per ewe and 10 out of 16 ewes) for meat. Most of my girls throw twins and trips and if sold for breeding stock, even if only 10% I’ll show a healthy profit.

Poultry – as much as I’d like to have chickens again, I’ve come to the conclusion that guineas can do the same pest control job I need and cost significantly less to feed, and honestly, I LIKE roast guinea fowl!