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One of the best things about this wp blog is that we are generally free to examine people’s advice and ask for further clarification. In that spirit, please re-read your advice above. To me, the catch22 is obvious.

1. How are we supposed to decide who the “good” people are in MLM that are the “less than 1%” (“that sincerely care about you”)?
2. You mentioned “lots of time (and often money) spent on a wrong MLM”. That means there is a “right” MLM somewhere. Could you clarify what that might be ?

thanks for your time.

As a small business owner

I don’t want someone looking over my shoulder at my books and saying, oh you you’re making too much or keeping too much of your profit (in comparison to what our employees make). My husband and I are the ones taking the risks, paying the bills, and not taking help from anyone to get it done. Plus doing it with no debt. We pay our employees well for what they do. Not all are paid the same, but according to their experience, duties and how long they’ve been here. Plus they get 2 bonuses a year, one in December and one in May or June—amount is based on the same as their hourly pay. None of our employees even starts at minimum wage, but above it. My dad, who was self-employed all of his adult working life, said if you pay minimum wage you get minimum work. For most people that is true, but not all, of course.

First, I would like to ask you:

Is you girl friend a strong character, like, “My way or high way” type? This type of people (whether male or female) is known to be a bit controlling and domineering (sorry o say this), but not necessarily bad people.

If so, there is a little hope that you can stop her. However, she would have a success to some degree, selling products. And only about 5% of population (according to experts) are good at “selling.” What you can do in this case is just let her do what she wants to do.

Then, if she isn’t this type, it’s unlikely that she can succeed in Arbonne. And I guess you are “very skeptical and concerned” because she would spend lots of time and, often money, with no good result. Or she would get hurt.

My suggestion is:
Set some time aside so that you and your girlfriend can talk without any distraction. Then ask her the following questions.
1. How did you get involved in Arbonne?
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3. Why do you wan to do it? (Or what do you want to achieve from it)?
4. Are you in love with the company?
5. Are you in love with their products?

These questions will give her chance to think over.

Then tell her of your concern, speaking from your heart. Tell her that you sincerely want her to succeed in what she wants to do, and that you don’t want her to get hurt.

Then listen to what she wants to say.

Then suggest her this if you can.
Arbonne is a MLM company. And it’s a hard company to make money with, if you would. MLM may look simple and easy, but it’s not. There are whole lots of things to learn in order to succeed in MLM. Also you have to be with right team of people with high integrity; the company has to have fair compensation plan to be paid fairly. Y

ou have to have a good mentor, who sincerely cares about you, and doesn’t take advantage of you or exploit you. Such companies or forums are rare in MLM industry (less than 1%). But if you REALLY WANT TO make something out of MLM, the wisest thing to do is to search such good people. It may take time, but will save lots of time (and often money) spent on a wrong MLM. And if you don’t want to take time to to search or learn things, you would be better off staying out of MLM. If you fell in love with the products, just be a customer, and don’t expect to make any money out of it. Also, there is no such a thing as immediate gratification or free lunch.

Then, listen to what she wants to say.
My best suggestion is to use this as an opportunity to get to know each other better.

I hope the above helps.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me, or post a reply.