Chip, she won’t be responding to this

Well, actually, she did, but her response revealed her true intentions, as they so often do:

“I hope my reply gives some idea. If you like, please feel free to email me personally, then I can introduce you to a community, where you can learn lots about business, and you will never be ripped off; and in which the rule is not to mention of a specific company or a product.”

Yep, another one… (sheesh)
In the immortal words of Hall & Oates, She’s Gone.

Hi mentoring-for-free

One of the best things about this wp blog is that we are generally free to examine people’s advice and ask for further clarification. In that spirit, please re-read your advice above. To me, the catch22 is obvious.

1. How are we supposed to decide who the “good” people are in MLM that are the “less than 1%” (“that sincerely care about you”)?
2. You mentioned “lots of time (and often money) spent on a wrong MLM”. That means there is a “right” MLM somewhere. Could you clarify what that might be ?

thanks for your time.