No sympathy here, and Im about to become one of those minimum wage people

1. Perhaps if they were not eligible for food stamps, medicaid, free lunch, section 8 etc, they would not work there or at least, companies would have to pay more to attract workers. Basic supply and demand. The reality is, I volunteer to work at that wage, and sadly, too many have figured out how to milk the system.

I taught english as a second language at a company which was offering ESL classes to their workers so they would be promotable. Even once they became fluent, no one would accept a promotion if it meant they were paid more than $45k a year. Why? Because once you go over $50k all your govt sponsored benefits cease. So why would they trade a promotion making $52k a year when they can make $45k and get free food, free medical, housing 65% of market, free lunch, free breakfast, and cash aid?

2. Give me a break that it is the “adults” who are “forced” into these jobs. My teenage kids have been rejected from being hired at these jobs more times than they can count. Why? Because we have regulated teenage work hours to “save them from slavery” to the point no one will hire them. That includes my (credit wise) college 4.0gpa junior who is 16, finished high school 2 years ago, and still cant get a job at a fast food place because “she has to have a work permit.” Ds~now~18 fudged his age this summer (when he was 17) so he could get hired at an ice cream store. He was lucky they are a franchise and the owners operate under common sense.

August 11, 2016 | Category: message